Documenting the Scene of a Car Accident

Documenting the Scene of a Car Accident

What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

Although it may be too late for an accident that you were already in, here is some valuable advice if you or someone you know is ever in a car wreck. If you want the perfect tool that is likely readily available to you at the scene of a car crash, here is your answer. This device allows you to document nearly everything you possibly could need from the scene of the accident. It will also assist in making sure that the claim goes smoothly the next time. You probably already have it and if not, you should get one. Surprise, it’s your smartphone.

How to Take Pictures of a Car for Insurance

Smartphones have everything you could need if you are at a scene of a car accident. A smartphone will allow you to take pictures of the scene and its surroundings:

  • Take a picture of any debris and where that debris is in relation to the vehicles that were involved 
  • Take several pictures of any and all damage to your vehicle
  • Try to get pictures of any other vehicles that were involved and try to take pictures of them together with a landmark in the picture.

A single video could capture all of this. Why would you want to do that? Taking accident scene photos can be very helpful in the claims process and may possibly be used as evidence.

How to Get Someone's Insurance Information

When it comes to talking to other involved parties, you may not need to get anyone to write anything down. In fact, you can use this as an excuse to record in audio or video. First, turn the recording on, identify the time and date and say:

  1. “I cannot find a pen, and I don’t have anything to write on. Do you mind if I record this?"
  2. "Will you read me your license information?"
  3. "Can I get your insurance information? If you say it, I will have it on this recording.”

Then ask, “Did you cause the car accident? Do you think it was your fault? Do you think I did something wrong?”

Why Should You Get This Information?

All of these questions are important. People at the scene of car accidents are very contrite when they may have caused an accident. They will usually tell everyone exactly what happened. It is usually not until the insurance company talks to the person, and they start thinking about it, that they become a less certain as to how much at fault they were.

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