Food Poisoning Lawsuit: Can You Win?

Food Poisoning Lawsuit: Can You Win?

Recently, cases of widespread food contamination have made national headlines on an almost weekly basis. Some cases report recalls that affect consumers and retailers. Other cases involve restaurants where numerous individuals have become ill after consuming food at a dining establishment. Food poisoning is typically mild however it has the potential to be severe and even deadly. In these cases, you may contemplate filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the food, the supplier or the restaurant that served you the contaminated food. If you are considering a food contamination lawsuit there are some things that you should know.

Your Rights as a Consumer

If you are a victim of food poisoning you have the right to pursue a legal remedy. If you became ill and it was caused by food served at a restaurant, you might have a valid claim against the restaurant, restaurant employees, or the supplier of the food. Restaurant employees are mandated to comply with health regulations related to storing, handling, and preparing food. Restaurants that fail to satisfy any of these food safety requirements can be held liable if a consumer gets food poisoning. I the food supplier was responsible by supplying the restaurant with tainted food, the food manufacturer or supplier may be held liable.

Your Responsibilities as a Consumer

The fact that you had food poisoning may be obvious, but prevailing in a food poisoning lawsuit is not easy. You may need to prove exactly what made you sick. Is can be accomplished by testing leftover food for E. coli, Listeria, or Salmonella and/or finding other individuals who became ill after eating at the same restaurant. You may not need to prove exactly which food item made you sick, however, you will need to tie the food poisoning to the restaurant.

You will also need medical documentation your sickness, from diagnosis to treatment. Keep documentation of associated medical expenses and any lost income. This documentation is essential to proving the damages element in a personal injury claim.

Food Poisoning Lawsuit

Food poisoning and food contamination lawsuits can be difficult to win. If you have become ill after eating contaminated food, you should contact an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney about filing a food poisoning lawsuit.

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