Personal Injury Claims: The Damaging Effects of Social Media

Personal Injury Claims: The Damaging Effects of Social Media

Personal injury claims are easily destroyed when overwhelming evidence surfaces that contradicts a plaintiff’s claim. Insurance companies and defense attorneys will go to great lengths to discover anything that can be used against a claimant, including information that you or those you know have revealed on social media. There is no doubt, if you file a personal injury claim, attorneys and insurance companies will be Googling your name in hopes of finding information that will damage or destroy your credibility.

There are many different social media sites that have a high probability of damaging your personal injury claim. Discussed below, are 4 of the most popular social media sites:

FaceBook: Facebook reports that there were, on average, 1.01 billion daily active users in September of 2015. Individuals use this social media site for networking and keeping family and friends updated on their lives. Many users often overshare and provide too much information. Although FaceBook has adjustable privacy settings, savvy defense attorneys and insurance companies have ways of discovering information about you that you may think is protected.

Twitter: Twitter reports that, as of September 30, 2015, there were 320 million daily active users. It is estimated that 55% of tweets contain a picture. Individuals use Twitter for many different things including sharing information about their personal lives. Just like Facebook, insurance companies and their sophisticated defense attorneys scour Twitter accounts for information that can be used to attack your claim.

Instagram: With 400 million active users, it is not hard to imagine that your opposition will be checking to see if you have an Instagram account and what dirt they can dig up for use in damaging or destroying your claim. Instagram users post all kinds of pictures on this social media site, including those of themselves and other engaged in physical activities. It is not hard to see how posting a picture of yourself skiing while you are pursuing a claim, which you assert your leg was seriously injured, can have detrimental effects on your monetary recovery.

YouTube: There are over 1 billion users of YouTube. Users post and watch videos on just about everything you can think of, including people engaged in physical activities and videos of accidents. If you have sustained personal injury and you are seeking to recover damages, you can bet that there will be searches conducted to see if there is footage of the event that caused your injury and any other videos that may minimize or eliminate your claim of damages.

With more people joining social media sites every day, it is evident that efforts to discover evidence via social media will only intensify. Even though insurance companies and defense attorneys discover damaging evidence, it is not always reliable. People often paint a positive picture of themselves on social media. They exaggerate and often claim they are in better health than they actually are. Some even go as far as to claim they are taking trips and engaging in activities when, in actuality, they are not.

If you have sustained personal injury as the result of the negligence of another, it crucial that you avoid posting anything related to the event or your injuries. You should also advise your social media connections to avoiding doing the same. People are often “tagged” or checked-in” by others on social media. This has the potential to damage or destroy your personal injury claim.

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If you or a family member has been injured, filing a personal injury lawsuit may be the answer. It is critical that you seek the advice and counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney in order to ensure that your rights are protected and you recover what you may be entitled to. At Sanders.Law, we hold accountable those individuals responsible for personal injuries. Contact our personal injury claims attorneys in Kansas City, Missouri today for a free consultation.


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