Civil Justice For Those That Have Been Harmed By Dangerous Or Defective Products

Products that are manufactured improperly or defectively designed can potentially lead to personal injury lawsuits. Even products that are properly designed and manufactured can create liability issues for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers where the manufacturer fails to provide an adequate warning about the foreseeable risks of harm that the product poses to its users or bystanders. Manufacturers of dangerous and defective products should be held accountable to the consumers they harm.

When is a warning for product considered defective?

It is true that not all products require that a warning be provided for potential dangers. It would be unreasonable for manufacturers to list and warn of any potential danger that a product poses. Imagine if you bought a pencil and it came with a 30-page book about every conceivable danger that the pencil may pose. We all know that if you poke yourself in the eye with the pencil you will suffer injury.

Generally, a manufacturer is required to provide a warning when:

  1. A product poses a danger; and
  2. The manufacturer knows or should know of the danger the product poses; and
  3. The danger is presented when the product is used in its intended or a foreseeable manner; or
  4. The danger the product presents might not be obvious to a reasonable user of the product.

Manufacturers are generally not required to provides warnings about unintended use of products or modification of products that create a dangerous situation. If a product might pose a hidden risk of injury when the product is used as intended, the manufacturer is typically required to provide a warning about the hidden danger.

If you have been injured by a defective product or a product where the manufacturer failed to warn about the danger and you used the product as intended, your community needs for you to see to it that justice is done. The manufacturers of dangerous and defective products should be held accountable for the harm they are responsible for. Contact a product liability attorney today to help you determine your best course of action.

At Sanders.Law, we zealously pursue justice on behalf of our clients and seek to hold manufacturers accountable for the injuries they cause. Give us a call today to discuss the product that caused you harm. We offer a no cost consultation.


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