Auto Accident Investigations: Personal Injury Claims

Auto Accident Investigations: Personal Injury Claims

What is the Car Accident Investigation Procedure?

Where there is an auto accident, especially where the accident involves extensive damage or serious injuries, there will likely be auto accident investigations into the facts and circumstances that follows. Whether it’s law enforcement, insurance claims representatives, or even a private investigator, there is someone that will be investigating the auto accident.

Car Accident Police Reports

When an auto accident occurs the law requires drivers to report any accidents involving personal injury or property damage to law enforcement. This means that the police will most often be the first to investigate an auto accident. If you can, you should cooperate with the investigating officers and answer their questions to the best of your ability.

After the conclusion of the investigation, the law enforcement agency will create an auto accident report that includes details of:

  • property damage
  • bodily injuries
  • specific information about the collision including the location, time, and any witness statements relevant to what happened 

The report should then be available from the investigating agency upon request.

Car Insurance Inspection After an Accident

Insurance companies conduct their own auto accident investigations to determine:

  • liability
  • fault
  • whether they will settle a claim and if so, how much

Insurance companies generally take several weeks or months to complete an investigation depending on the nature and circumstances of the accident. After their investigations are complete, you should receive a notice of their findings and, hopefully, an offer of compensation for your property damages, injuries and financial losses.

Car Accident Private Investigations

Conducting your own investigation of an accident you were involved in can be incredibly valuable to a personal injury claim. Statements from witnesses, pictures of the vehicles and surrounding landmarks, notes from your account of the events, all have the potential of helping your claim. You may also want to check if your car or any other cars involved were equipped with a black box.

You should also be aware that investigators employed by insurance companies, their attorneys, or the other involved parties may try to contact you. You are not legally required to talk with them about the accident unless you are subpoenaed. If you have retained an auto accident attorney, you will want to refer anyone asking about the accident to your lawyer. The best source of information for investigating an auto accident is an experienced and knowledgeable auto accident attorney.

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