Motorcycle Accidents Are Expensive For Everyone

Motorcycle Accidents Are Expensive For Everyone

Why are Motorcycle Accidents More Expensive than Car Accidents?

It should be no surprise that motorcycle accidents result in more personal injuries and death and cost more than collisions involving any other type of motor vehicles. This is largely due to the fact that there is nothing protecting a rider from an impact except what he or she is wearing on their body. So when a motorcycle collides with something or something runs into a motorcycle, the result is often catastrophic.

A study related to the costs of motorcycle accidents was released recently and it came as quite of a bit of a surprise learning just how much more money and deadly motorcycle crashes are than other motor vehicle accidents.

What Percentage of Motorcycle Accidents Result in Death?

Researchers at the Government Accountability Office reported that motorcycle accidents are 30 times more deadly than any other type of motor vehicle accident. It was also reported that in 2012 there 82,000 riders injured in motorcycle crashes and approximately 4,500 died. The total costs of these motorcycle crashes was approximated at $16 billion.

The average cost of a fatal motorcycle wreck is about $1.2 million, while motorcycle wrecks that do not involve death cost between $2,500 and $1.4 million depending upon the property damage and injuries suffered.

Motorcycle Injury Statistics Show Motorcycle Accidents to be More Dangerous

The primary reason is how exposed a motorcycle rider is. A vehicle crashing into a pole while traveling 25 mph may lead to minor injuries as the passengers are protected by the frame and body of the vehicle, safety belts, airbags, and other features designed to minimize injuries in car crashes. On the other hand, a motorcyclist would likely suffer catastrophic injuries or even death. Although a rider may wear a helmet, there is not much that can be done to protect the impact the impact of a crash. Because the severity of injuries in motorcycle accidents are often greater than injuries in a car crash, the costs for medical treatment, care, and rehabilitation are far higher.

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