Multiple Vehicles Collide in a Brutal Wreck on Interstate 70

Multiple Vehicles Collide in a Brutal Wreck on Interstate 70

Last week, on Interstate 70, a major traffic wreck involving large two-tractor trailers and a passenger car occurred in Lafayette County. The accident resulted in the tragic death of one of the drivers, while others only sustained minor injuries.

According to reports from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the brutal wreck happened after a 2015 Volvo Tractor and a 2012 Ford slowed down for traffic in a construction zone. Shortly after, a large 2018 Freightliner suddenly overtook the Volvo and rear-ended it, thrusting the truck into the back of the Ford. As a result, the Freightliner’s driver – 30-year-old B. Messenger from Bradenton, Florida – passed away in the crash.

The intensity and scale of the accident forced state troopers to close down the eastbound side of Interstate 70 while law enforcement continues their investigation of the crash to determine what exactly caused the crash to occur.

Due to the monumental size of tractor trailers and other freight trucks, an accident with just one of them can result in life-changing and often deadly injuries. However, the fact that the accident involved two large tractor-trailer trucks and a smaller passenger vehicle whose driver apparently suffered only minor injuries and refused hospital care is astonishing.

The Dangers of Tractor Trailer Accidents

The risks that tractor trailer accidents present to the public at large is not something one can shrug off. According to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), around 4,889 large trucks and buses that were involved in fatal road collisions in 2017, leading to 5,005 total fatalities that year.

The dangers associated with tractor trailers are compounded by the fact that drivers often violate safety regulations due to significant pressure by their employers to meet scheduled deadlines. As a result, truck drivers regularly drive with little-to-no sleep and skip required stops at mandatory weigh stations. Otherwise, drivers must observe federal safety regulations for required resting time and freight weight limitations.

A truck whose weight exceeds the safe federal limit, and whose driver has surpassed the legal length of time for driving without rest, transforms from being a common transportation vehicle into a weapon of mass destruction.

It would not be surprising to discover that the driver of the 2018 Freightliner in last week’s I-70 crash had fallen asleep momentarily. The fact that it did not slow down to avoid hitting the 2015 Volvo Tractor suggests that the Freightliner’s driver had a possible lapse in awareness.

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