What to Do If You’ve Been in an Accident With a Truck

What to Do If You’ve Been in an Accident With a Truck

Large, commercial trucks can pose a major hazard to smaller vehicles and pedestrians who share the road with them. In Kansas City, heavy trucks were involved in 5.5% of all motor vehicle crashes and 18.4% of fatal crashes in 2018. Accidents with a large truck often result in severe, debilitating injuries for those who survive a collision with such a massive, heavy vehicle. This is why, if you find yourself involved in a crash with a truck, it is vital you know what steps to take. Our Kansas City truck accident attorney explains what to do if you’ve been in an accident with a truck.

Seek Medical Attention

The first thing you should do after a truck accident is check to on everyone who has been involved in the crash, including yourself, and call an ambulance if anyone has been seriously injured. Because truck accidents are so deadly—in 2017, the highest proportion of roadway fatalities in the U.S. involved semi, tractor-trailer, and tanker trucks—it may be best to call an ambulance regardless. If you don’t need medical attention right away, visit your doctor for a check up as soon as possible.

Collect & Document Evidence

Once you have been assured of your immediate safety, collect as much evidence as you can. The more proof you have regarding how the accident occurred and who was at fault, the stronger your insurance and personal injury claims will be.

Following a truck accident you should always:

  • Write down the names, contact numbers, insurance policy information, and license plate numbers of everyone involved
  • Talk to any witnesses and collect their names and contact information as well
  • Take photographs of the scene from as many angles as possible, including of property damage, tire skid marks, weather conditions, and people’s injuries

Call 911 to File a Police Report

Call the police to the scene if you haven’t already. Even if the accident was minor, having an accident report on file will further strengthen your case. The police might also manage to collect helpful information you missed.

Avoid Social Media

There are a number of things you shouldn’t do following an accident, the biggest one of which is posting about the accident on social media. If you write a public post expressing how you feel after a truck accident, physically or mentally, or how you think the accident happened, this information may also be used against you. Anything that you post on the Internet is fair game for court and depositions.

Call a Truck Accident Lawyer

Before talking to any insurance companies or getting your vehicle repaired, consult with a lawyer. Most truck accident lawyers offer consultations for free, which can be a helpful way to get an outside perspective on your situation from someone who is knowledgeable of and experienced in such matters.

A truck accident lawyer can help in a variety of other ways. An attorney can help you find adequate medical treatment, investigate the accident scene on your behalf, take the burden of filing complicated legal paperwork off your shoulders, and represent you in negotiations and in court. Truck accident cases are particularly complex due to the number of parties that are involved, such as the truck driver, the driver’s employer, the trucking company, the loading company, and the truck manufacturer. Having a lawyer on your side ensures that everything is done right and allows you to focus more of your time and energy on recovering from your injuries.

Have you or a loved one been injured in a truck accident? At Sanders.Law, we help families hold rule-breakers accountable for a safer community—one case at a time. If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident caused by human error, you’re entitled to your day in court. Our Kansas City truck accident attorney is available to seek justice on your behalf and hold negligent drivers responsible for their actions. Contact us for a free case evaluation.


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