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Have you been in an accident with an uninsured and underinsured motorist? If so, you are likely now concerned about how to pay your medical bills and deal with your loss of wages. This is an incredibly common occurrence, as more people are driving around with little to no insurance than you may believe. If you or your passengers have been injured, or if your car has sustained severe damages, you need not fear about how to obtain the compensation you deserve--our Kansas City injury lawyers of Sanders Law can help.

An uninsured or underinsured driver can forgo responsibility if they are the cause of an accident--in which case, your injuries will be your responsibility. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, you will be compensated for all aspects of your accident. If not, the situation will be a little more complicated.

Despite the fact that you may be concerned about how to handle the financial aspect of an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist, you have options. In fact, the most common solution to this occurrence is to have your own insurance company take care of all of it for you. If your insurance company tries to resist paying for what you need, our legal team will fight for you to ensure you aren’t forced into closing out the financial concerns on your own.

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At Sanders Law, we want to help you move on from an unexpected injury caused by a preventable accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist. Our Kansas City injury lawyers are experienced, committed, and skilled in our pursuit of justice on your behalf. No matter the complexities or challenges of your case, we won’t give up on you or your case. Car accidents are stressful enough without the added pressure of worrying about how to handle the financial burdens that follow--let us take control of the situation and get you through this process with ease.

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