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Jackknife Truck Accidents

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Truck accidents are terrifying, and the damage they can cause tends to be catastrophic for all parties involved, but particularly for other motorists. Accidents involving tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, big rigs, or trucks by any other name can be (and often are) deadly—and if they are not deadly, they almost inevitably cause serious physical damage and bodily injuries for other drivers.

If you have been in a preventable accident involving a truck, it is imperative that you secure legal representation right away. It is not unheard of for trucking companies to hide or destroy evidence that may be relevant to your case or vital to proving their liability for your accident, injuries, and expenses.

Truck accidents are often caused by negligent, drowsy, or distracted drivers, equipment malfunctions, or irresponsible trucking company practices. In any of these cases, you may have a personal injury claim against the party responsible for the damages and losses associated with your accident, ranging from medical bills to lost inheritance for your children—and your personal, physical, and financial well-being may require it.

Even if your injuries do need seem immediately life-threatening or you are unsure whether the damages will be significant, getting an attorney on your side helps you ensure you have your legal ducks in a row, so to speak, so that you are prepared in the event you must file a personal injury lawsuit.

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What to Do if You’ve Been in a Truck Accident

After securing legal representation, it is important to keep a detailed record of the expenses you incur as a result of your accident, including hospital bills, car repairs, lost wages, and more. If you have experienced any decrease in income, loss of savings, change in employment status or employability, or other monetizable damage, you will need to provide proof of these losses and their total amount in order to bring a successful case against the responsible party.

Also ensure you keep an ongoing log of such expenses and losses, as the total amount of damages may grow during the length of your case and continue to become more and more burdensome over time.

What Makes Jackknife Truck Accidents Unique?

Jackknife truck accidents are unique in that they tend to result in rollovers and pose a heightened risk of life-changing physical harm to the drivers involved. A jackknife occurs when the cab at the front of the truck and the rig being pulled behind are pointing in different directions, creating an L-shape.

When this occurs, trucks are likely to fall over or flip, which creates a major hazard to travelers going both directions, as well as roadway infrastructure, by sending tens of thousands of pounds of cargo hurdling toward other vehicles. Jackknifing is more likely to occur when the roads are wet or icy, when a truck driver is going too fast, or when the roadway is curved, winding, or poorly maintained.

Liability for Jackknife Truck Accidents

If you’ve been in a truck accident, you have likely experienced serious bodily injuries and may need to file a lawsuit against the person responsible for your preventable accident in order to avoid fronting the cost yourself. However, it can be challenging to figure out exactly who is responsible for such accidents, as they could occur for a number of reasons.

Jackknifing could occur due to a mechanical breakdown or equipment malfunction with the truck, in which case the manufacturer may be responsible for your accident, or person responsible for maintaining the integrity of the vehicle.

However, in a large number of cases, the truck drivers or their employers are responsible for causing the accident in some manner, whether it be distracted driving by the trucker, negligent hiring practices by the company, improper safety training for drivers, and so on.

In any case, our team of Kansas City personal injury lawyers at Sanders.Law isn’t afraid to go up against companies, employers, and individual truckers in order to ensure justice is served. If you have been harmed in a trucking accident, jackknife or otherwise, we are here to serve you.

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