Consulting With a Personal Injury Attorney

Consulting With a Personal Injury Attorney

Many people do not know what to do after they have been injured by another’s intentional, reckless or negligent conduct. It is best to consult with a personal injury attorney who will provide you with legal advice concerning your injuries and any compensation you may be able to recover.

During a consultation with a personal injury attorney you will be asked about what happened. The personal injury attorney may collect an assortment of information. The length of the consultation will vary depending on the facts and circumstances that led to your personal injuries. In accident injury cases like auto accidents, the consultation probably will not take long, especially if you are prepared to provide the information requested. In complex cases like medical malpractice or injuries from dangerous or defective products, the consultation will generally take more time.

Personal Injury Consultations

As you tell the attorney about your personal injury accident, the attorney may ask questions. Frequently, personal injury attorneys wait until you have finished telling them everything before they start asking questions. Some questions may be difficult to answer, but your attorney needs to know the answers to be able to assist you in finding the best solution for your personal injury case.

The personal injury attorney will collect an array of information relating to your personal injury matter, including medical treatment, individuals involved in the personal injury matter, possible witnesses, and more. The lawyer will also discuss practical matters of your accident injury case such as a representation agreement, legal fees, and other costs that can be expected in your case.

Things to Expect in a Personal Injury Consultation

An idea of some of the things you can expect during a consultation with a personal injury attorney:

• You may be asked to sign a form authorizing the release of medical information from your health care providers, so that your personal injury attorney can obtain your medical records.

• You will be asked about your insurance coverage.

• You will be asked if you have spoken with any insurance adjusters and if so, what you told them.

• You will be asked if anyone else has interviewed you concerning the accident injury.

• The personal injury attorney may ask about the status of your injuries.

• It is a common practice for an accident injury attorney to consider your case contact you at a later time to discuss your legal options.

• The attorney may decline to take your personal injury case for many reasons, such as the attorney’s current caseload, capabilities or specialties, economic situation, or other obligations and responsibilities. You may also learn that, in the lawyer’s professional opinion, you do not have a solid case. If this happens, you should by all means seek an opinion from another personal injury lawyer.

• You may be referred to another attorney.

• If the lawyer decides to take your case, you will be told what the next steps in the personal injury matter are.

• The attorney will tell you not to talk about the case with anyone else, and that questions should be referred back to him or her.

Personal Injury Consultation in Kansas City, Missouri

Sanders.Law provides a free initial consultation at our Kansas City office just off the highway and near KCI Airport (Kansas City International, a.k.a MCI). If you are unable to travel, we will be happy to meet you where you are. Our personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis, such that we do not collect any fees if we do not recover for you. For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation on a personal injury or wrongful death matter with an experienced Kansas City lawyer, please contact us at (816) 844-6938


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