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Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys in Kansas City

Working to Create Safer Spaces for the Elderly

Entrusting an elderly loved one’s care to a nursing home is already a difficult decision. When the trust you place in these medical professionals is betrayed it can be devastating, and many people blame themselves. Remember that nursing home neglect is no one’s fault expect the people who were responsible for looking after those in their care.

When the elderly have been abused or neglected, contact Sanders.Law and speak with a skilled Kansas City nursing home negligence attorney. We fight for justice on behalf of the abused, and to reform nursing home practices so that these preventable incidents do not repeat themselves.

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Striving for Nursing Home Reform

Though obtaining a fair settlement or trial verdict for the injured is an important goal for our team, we do not stop there. We want to expose the facts that allowed for this injury to occur in the first place. When under constant pressure to lower costs and increase profits, some nursing home administrators cut corners at the expense of their residents. A settlement is not a long term solution, only by bringing these unscrupulous practices to light can we create lasting change.

Keep an eye out for the following indicators of nursing home abuse/neglect:

  • Complaints from residents
  • Nurses and other medical staff that have a difficult time answering questions about your loved one’s care
  • Residents receive the wrong medication or an overdose of medication
  • Bruises and cuts on residents
  • Bed sores that indicate the resident does not leave their bed for long periods

Our Kansas City nursing injury attorneys pull out all the stops to achieve a favorable outcome. Call us today at (816) 844-6938 and let us know how your loved one has been mistreated.

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