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Our civil prosecutors work to hold wrongdoers accountable and responsible. We take cases to trial in order to send a public message: “This stops, right here, right now!” The message is meant to resonate loudly so that the next family is not injured and the wrongdoer doesn’t kill someone the next time around.

With nearly 20 years of legal experience, we are here to help the community. Call (816) 844-6938 and stop negligent parties from hurting more people.

In the legal profession, too many attorneys working in large, overstaffed firms focus only on one goal: winning money. At Sanders.Law, we believe that victims of injury deserve more than that. Winning a personal injury case does not make much difference if those responsible learn nothing and continue to endanger others. Lawyers who are too busy to personally speak with their clients will focus only on the end goal, and not the people involved.

Dealing with an injury is not easy, and at Sanders.Law, our Kansas City personal injury attorneys set time aside to speak with clients and keep them involved in the case. By working together, we are able to figure out exactly what happened, how we can help the client recover, and what we can do to ensure the same thing does not happen to someone else.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

At Sanders.Law, we focus on injuries that were the result of negligence, particularly preventable car crashes and catastrophic injuries. In many of these cases, the victim’s opposition is the liable party’s insurance company. These companies do all in their power to claim that their insured is not responsible for his or her actions—which allows these negligent parties to continue their reckless behavior and injure yet another person.

We fight so that our clients can receive the recovery they deserve and that those responsible understand the consequences of their actions.

We Can Fight With You Every Step of the Way

One of the biggest problems you will encounter in large law firms is that the attorneys want to wrap things up as quickly as possible and are rarely willing to push the case beyond settlement. While the Kansas City injury attorneys of Sanders.Law aim for settlements when possible, we always take our clients’ concerns into consideration and are more than willing to go to trial if necessary.

If the defense proposes a settlement that will allow those who injured the client to avoid taking responsibility, this is not acceptable. One of the goals of pursuing a lawsuit is so to give the injured a sense of closure and peace of mind. Our job is not finished until our client feels they have been heard and the law has made an appropriate response.

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