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Workers’ compensation laws, though created with the best intentions, have become something of a double edged sword. While workers’ comp should, in theory, guarantee benefits to injured employees, many injury victims have relied on the word of the insurance company or their employers regarding how much they deserve, or if they qualify for benefits at all. Insurance companies frequently minimize or turn down legitimate workers’ comp claims to cut down on their own costs. We strongly encourage work accident victims to consult with one of our Kansas City workers’ compensation attorneys about entitlement to benefits.

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The Appeals Process

Most workers’ comp claims are denied after filing the initial paperwork. This is usually the result of the applicant filling out the form incorrectly, or the insurance company testing the waters to see if the applicant will contest the claim. Workers’ compensation forms are long, and far more complicated than they should be. Many people have turned to us just for clarifying questions on their claim.

Appeals have a much higher success rate than initial claims. We strongly recommend seeking help from a capable workers’ comp attorney when filing an appeal. Sometimes simply having a lawyer send a letter to the insurance company encourages them to approve the claim. We take notice of companies that consistently deny legitimate claims and fight to expose their bad faith practices so that the next accident victim does not have the same problem.

Should I File for Workers’ Comp or a Third Party Lawsuit?

If your accident was the result of a construction accident or defective machinery, you may have an opportunity to file a third-party lawsuit. In some cases, employers are protected by workers’ comp laws from these lawsuits, and your claim should be filed against a product manufacturer, contractor, or sub-contractor. Speak with an attorney to make sure you file a claim against the party this is responsible for your injury.

Have Someone on Your Side

The insurance companies will never care about your recovery as much as you do. Make sure that are given ample time to make a full recovery before returning to work—otherwise your injury may worsen and you may not be able to reapply for benefits. Our personal injury attorneys in Kansas sincerely care about helping the people of our community. Let Sanders.Law help you fight for what you deserve.

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