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  • Testimonials
    • Arnold & Melonne Testimonial

      "You helped us all the way, answered all of our questions, and were there 24/7. I would recommend you to anyone that ...

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    • Mathew & Barbara's Testimonial

      "You guys acted more like friends trying to help us rather than attorneys and we couldn't have asked for a better ...

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  • In the News
    • Ride KC Bus Crash

      Sanders.Law Represents Victim of Ride KC Bus Crash

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  • Wrongful Death
    • Helping Families with Wrongful Death Claims

      Wrongful death claims are not always straightforward but getting justice for your loved one is crucial. Watch our video ...

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    • Evidence in Wrongful Death Claims

      Losing a loved one is taxing and hiring an attorney may be the last thing on your mind. Learn how our attorneys can help ...

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  • Truck Accidents
    • Understanding 18-Wheeler Claims

      When an 80,000-pound vehicle barrels down the road at highway speeds, wrecks can be deadly. Watch our video to learn ...

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    • Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

      Do you know what evidence you need to collect after an 18-wheeler wreck? Your attorney does. Watch our video to learn ...

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  • Bus Accidents
    • Filing a Bus Injury Claim

      After a bus wreck, the driver of the bus and the company that owns the bus can both face liability. Watch our video to ...

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    • Injured Bus Passengers

      Even when you aren’t driving, you can still face the consequences of a bus wreck. Watch our video to learn how ...

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