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Even the most diligent parents cannot watch their child’s every move all hours of the day. During those hours when parents trust their child’s care to another, be it a school, daycare, or even a relative, the child may be injured if the caretaker was not as vigilant as they should have been.

Parents with injured children are undergoing an extremely difficult time. When they entrust our Kansas personal injury attorneys at Sanders.Law to represent their child’s legal situation, we treat the responsibility with the utmost respect and sincerity. Injured children have a future and we work tirelessly to make it as bright as possible.

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Common Causes of Childhood Injuries

Unfortunately, constant supervision is not always enough to protect kids from danger. Playing with other kids, medical malpractice, or a car wreck could result in a serious injury. There is no way to keep a child completely safe, but by understanding the circumstances by which the child was injured can help you pursue justice.

Child injuries often result from the following:

  • Play fighting or wrestling with other kids
  • Improper or careless supervision
  • Medical malpractice
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Car crashes
  • Sports injuries

A large part of building your case will be obtaining medical opinions of what your child’s future will entail. In order to obtain a settlement or verdict that covers all of the injured person's medical costs, long-term care needs must be considered.

Put Your Case in Compassionate Hands

Sanders.Law was started specifically to help the injured. Our Kansas City child injury attorneys never represent insurance companies or big corporations hoping to mitigate their role in a preventable accident. We want to do our part to create a safer community and help families recover after tragedy strikes. Protecting our client’s best interests and privacy is our top priority, and we dictate settlement terms, present arguments during trial, and even work with other firms when necessary so as to provide the best representation possible.

Child injury lawsuits require representation from sincerely compassionate legal professionals that want to help. We are honored when parents trust us with this responsibility. Call (816) 844-6938 to speak with a member of our team.

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