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Car Accident Lawyers in Kansas City

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Car crashes often result in terrible injuries, including brain damage, spine injuries, and even wrongful death. Simply prosecuting at fault drivers is no longer enough. We need to make clear that driving drunk or recklessly comes with serious consequences and the victims deserve a fair recovery.

At Sanders.Law, our Kansas City car accident attorneys exclusively represent victims of injury. We are passionate about providing the injured with dedicated legal assistance, and helping them overcome a difficult time. As part of our commitment to the well-being of our clients and community, we strive to do our part to put impaired driving to an end once and for all. With more than 18 years of legal experience, we are prepared to assist you in your case.

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Car Accident Lawsuits

Insurance companies are responsible for paying the damages resulting from the actions of their policyholders. While the person at fault for the wreck may feel remorse and want to help, the insurance company rarely holds the same attitude and will try to argue that the victims should be blamed. They will employ ever tactic possible to convince a court that their insured has done nothing wrong, which means you will need aggressive attorneys that can clearly demonstrate this crash could have and should have, been avoided.

In a car crash lawsuit, your attorney needs to investigate 4 key elements:

  • That the defendant was driving recklessly and without the expected level of care required by law.
  • If the defendant disobeyed any traffic signs or rules of the road when the accident occurred.
  • That the plaintiff would not have sustained injuries if not for the collision.
  • The full extent of the injured person’s medical bills, both presently and in the future, so as to achieve a fair settlement or trial verdict.

By gathering these facts, your legal counsel should be able to explain to a court how you were wronged. Several parties could be held liable for these accidents, including the driver, the vehicle’s mechanic, or the vehicle manufacturer. An experienced personal injury attorney in Kansas City can help you pursue all the culpable entities.

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