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There is no doubt that anyone suffering from a spine injury is going through a difficult recovery and adjustment. When these tragic accidents are the result of someone else’s negligence, the victim’s frustration is often worsened. While it may not fix everything, a lawsuit can help victims recover both emotionally and physically. There is an undeniable sense of closure that comes when a court officially holds someone responsible for your injury and acknowledges your pain and suffering.

At Sanders.Law, our Kansas City catastrophic injury lawyers fight for the rights of the injured and the safety of the entire community. Our goal is not just to have your recovery compensated, but to also increase public diligence so that future preventable accidents can be avoided.

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Take It Easy

Rest and proper medical treatment are essential when recovering from a spine injury. After suffering one of these injuries, take some time to grasp the full scope of the situation, and then seek out legal aid. Extra stress will only make recovery more difficult, so the attorneys at Sanders.Law handle all of work building the case once services have been enlisted.

A skilled attorney will do the following when representing victims of spinal cord injuries:

  • Collect evidence against the defendant
  • Obtain information about long term medical care in order to determine an appropriate settlement
  • Find out which parties can be held liable—in these cases there is often more than one person responsible
  • Seek an end result that will prevent accidents like this from happening in the future

Clients are often, and should be, interested in the details of their case. We keep our clients updated on all how things are proceeding the entire time. By explaining to our clients exactly where things stand and what needs to be done, they are able to find peace of mind and channel all of their mental energy into getting well.

Let’s Build a Safer Community

Pursuing legal action after an injury is important not just for you, but society as a whole. When accidents result from drunk driving crashes, truck accidents, unsafe working conditions, or some other preventable incident, the public needs to be made aware so that we can work towards a solution. When individuals and corporations are made to be accountable, our Kansas City spinal cord injury attorneys prove that negligence and carelessness are not excuses for letting others get hurt.

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