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18-wheeler trucks and tractor trailers are very dangerous, and since they often pass through multiple states, several laws have been established in both local and national governments to protect drivers’ safety. Your Kansas City tractor trailer accident lawyer needs to be familiar with both state and federal regulations for trucks in order to successfully litigate an injury lawsuit.

Only in-depth understanding of both will allow them to determine all of the liable parties in a preventable accident and demonstrate to a court how the accident could have been avoided with more diligence from the truck driver and their employer.

Call (816) 844-6938 to speak with our Kansas truck accident lawyers! They have studied trucking law and successfully handled semi-truck crash lawsuits in the past.

Trucking Violations

Truckers frequently break the law due to pressure from their employers to meet deadlines. Many truckers are only paid when the job is finished, resulting in them making rash decisions like driving for extended hours and passing by required weigh stations.

Given that trucks are already dangerous, particularly those transporting toxic materials, these careless actions are inexcusable and there needs to be serious reform in the industry so drivers do not feel like they must break the law to do their jobs.

Most truck drivers are required to adhere to the following rules:

  • Drivers must take a 30 minute rest break every 8 hours on-duty
  • Truckers who drive 70 hours in a week must rest for 34 consecutive hours
  • Truckers can only drive up to 11 hours a day
  • Weight must be equal to or under the Federal limits applied to different types of trucks
  • All vehicles with a registered weight of 18,001 lbs. or more must stop at weigh stations when driving through Missouri

Attorneys That Look Out For Your Best Interest

As soon as our Kansas City injury lawyers take a case they start collecting all the necessary evidence. We immediately contact the trucker’s employer and request any paperwork that will be relevant to the case.

We investigate the driving history of the trucker, the maintenance work done on the truck, and secure information from the truck’s “black box” which provides some insight on how the trucker was driving before the accident.

Through these lawsuits we aim to expose unspoken pressures instilled into truckers and how the current system endangers the lives of innocent civilians.

Your lawsuit could help create safer highways and prevent these accidents from repeating. Call (816) 844-6938 and ask about scheduling a free consultation at Sanders.Law.
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