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Lawsuits Involving Accidental Shootings

Gun accidents are very stressful, and the situation is not made any less complicated by the fact that friends or family members are usually involved. The close relationship between both victim and perpetrator can quickly escalate the situation and may make the proceedings turn ugly.

At Sanders.Law, our Kansas City personal injury lawyers act as both mediators and aggressive counselors to help resolve the situation as quickly and amicably as possible. We are highly empathetic with the plight of gun accident victims, and demonstrate to everyone how these individuals have been wronged and what steps need to be taken now for a suitable recovery.

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Fighting the Insurance Company

If you are hesitant to sue a close friend or family member, remember that it is likely this individual wants to help with the recovery, and the best way to do that is through insurance. Insurance companies are rarely willing to take as much accountability as their insured.

In most cases, your real fight is with them, not the perpetrator. Far too many people do not seek legal action in these instances because they do not realize it is a viable option. Insurance was created specifically for these types of situations, and you will want a skilled gun accident lawyer fighting with the insurance company to ensure that there is a fair outcome.

Enlist a Crack Team of Legal Professionals

In most cases, the Kansas City gun accident lawyers at our firm are capable of handling these cases on their own. That said, given that these cases can become exceedingly complex, we will sometimes partner with other firms in order to best protect our client’s interests. With Sanders.Law, clients can be certain that their legal counsel will do everything in their power to obtain justice and look out for their well-being.

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