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Construction workers must walk a difficult balance between speed and safety. While under constant pressure to meet deadlines, workers sometimes take unnecessary risks that impact the safety of themselves and others. If you or someone you love has been injured in a construction zone, reach out to Sanders.Law and speak with our Kansas personal injury attorneys about pursuing a lawsuit or filing for workers’ compensation.

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Construction Safety Regulations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) has created an extensive series of rules designed to keep construction sites safe. Construction foremen who do not maintain strict adherence to these rules put their employees and others at serious risk.

The OHSA has created several safety regulations for construction sites, including:

  • Providing all employees with access to written instructions on safety procedures
  • Every employee must be able to describe his or her responsibility for safety and health
  • Participation in audits and worksite inspections
  • Installing guardrails in appropriate areas
  • All employees must be provided with head protection

Even if an injury was not the result of an OHSA violation, we strongly recommend speaking with an attorney anyway. Oftentimes there are grounds for some type of legal action even if safety standards appear to have been followed by the books. Remember that factors like a boss’s orders, the pressure to finish the job, and the actions of other employees all have an impact on liability.

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We firmly believe that construction accidents can be prevented when the importance of safety procedures is stressed to employees. At Sanders.Law, our Kansas City construction accident attorneys fight for clients and the entire community by pushing not only for compensation, but also policy changes that will avoid future catastrophes. By working side by side with clients, we have helped making sweeping changes that protect the rights of all injury victims.

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