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Brain trauma is a type of catastrophic injury that can impair the victim for years, possibly even the rest of their life. These lawsuits can escalate quickly. The victims may not be capable of pursuing action, their families are frustrated on their behalf, and the defendant will deny they played any role in this tragedy. You will need an attorney that is well-versed in these proceedings and capable of handling all aspects of the case so that you and your family can focus energy on recovering.

For many years, the Kansas City brain injury attorneys have being litigating these injury cases with successful results. We have the knowledge and skills necessary to sort through the complicated details and build a solid argument.

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Building the Case

As our firm deals in a large array of personal injury practice areas, we have handled lawsuits for numerous preventable accidents that frequently result in brain injuries, including truck collisions and gun accidents. Your attorney needs to be familiar with numerous areas of law in order to successfully litigate the case from all angles.

We have relationships with a large network of medical and legal professionals whom we can call upon as expert witnesses. Our familiarity with medical terminology and the science of brain injury treatment allow us to explain to a jury how the trauma occurred and why the defendant is at fault.

Get Help During This Difficult Time

Above all else, our Kansas City brain injury attorneys are here to help. We understand that this is a sensitive and troubling issue. We maintain strict confidentiality out of respect to our clients’ privacy and pursue the case with their desires and concerns in mind.

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