The Three D’s of Insurance Companies: Delay, Deny, and Defend


Insurance companies aren’t as a whole, evil entities. However, there are certainly times when they should be paying the claims they promised to pay and instead choose to delay, deny, and defend. These are the three actions insurance companies take when acting in bad faith. They’ll delay your payment, or flat out deny it, and even take you to court when all you’re asking for is the insurance money that owe you! As an attorney, I consider it not only my job, but my responsibility to hold these corporations accountable so that citizens can get the coverage they deserve and are paying for on a monthly basis!

If you or a loved have been wronged by an insurance company during time of a need please contact an attorney. These companies all too often don’t offer enough compensation, or any at all after a serious accident. I can guarantee you my firm will fight for your right to collect the insurance you’re due and move to hold accountable insurance companies that act in bad faith.