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Kansas City Burn Injury Lawyer

Justice for Victims of Severe Burns

Burn injuries can be very damaging to the victims both physically and emotionally. The Kansas City burn injury attorneys at Sanders.Law help clients who are feeling overwhelmed and hopeless regain some control over their situation. Having your situation recognized by court can bring a sense of closure and peace once the responsible party has been held accountable.

Our attorneys only represent injury victims, never insurance companies. We are dedicated to creating a safer community and taking a stand against negligence. Burn accidents are almost always preventable, and whoever’s reckless or careless action resulted in the injury should face the consequences.

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Thorough, Informed Investigations

In these cases, the burden of proof is on the victim to demonstrate that someone else is responsible for the burn. When the burns are the result of a fire, an investigation must take place to determine where and how the fire originated. This is difficult to do without training, and almost impossible if you are recovering from an injury. It is best to seek the assistance of a practice burn injury lawyer.

Many burn injuries result from:

Our team has years of experience collecting evidence and finding expert witness testimony to back up claims in court. Our job is to prove what our clients already know to be true: that this catastrophe could have been avoided with more care and diligence from the defendant.

A Team That Works Together

At Sanders.Law, we take a collaborative approach to our cases. We consult with team members for new insights shaped by their extensive education and experience. An important part of that team is the client. We keep our clients updated through meetings, phone calls, and emails, so that they know where things stand throughout the case. By working as one cohesive unit, we have achieved justice for hundreds of injury victims.

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