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April 15, 2021

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General Safety

  • Published On: September 22, 2016Categories: General Safety

    FOUR YEAR OLD BITTEN BY DOG In recent months a four-year-old boy in foster care was bitten in the face by the family Rottweiler. The dog had bitten [...]

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  • Published On: October 5, 2015Categories: General Safety

    THE 10 MOST DANGEROUS OCCUPATIONS IN AMERICA It is important that every employee understand their workers’ compensation benefits. It is difficult to imagine yourself being left disabled or losing [...]

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  • Published On: September 2, 2014Categories: General Safety

    ACTIVIST URGES YOUNG PEOPLE TO LEAVE GUNS HOME AFTER POLICE SHOOTING KANSAS CITY, Mo. —A Kansas City community activist called for calm in the wake of afatal police shooting over the weekend. [...]

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  • Published On: August 29, 2014Categories: General Safety

    DOG FATALLY SHOT, HOMEOWNER INJURED DURING HOME INVASION IN KANSAS CITY KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Kansas City police are investigating a home invasion robbery early Friday where an intruder struck the homeowner with a handgun and reportedly fatally shot a dog. A man wearing [...]

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